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When I have time, I write fiction. To date I have published Beneath the Trees, a short novel about a songwriter who finds a half-dead wood nymph in the wreckage of a barn, and Her True Name, a collection of short stories about an Unnamed Heroine who has walked the earth since the birth of civilization.

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Her True Name

Book cover for Her True Name

She doesn’t have a name, because she never keeps one for very long. You’ve seen her face a thousand times, but it always wears a different mask. Her exploits are legendary, but no one has ever heard of her. She tries to be like everyone else, but she finds she can only ever be herself, over and over again.

What if many of the heroes of myth and folklore were all one immortal woman, who has been alive for millennia? These are a few fragments of this Unnamed Heroine's history—eight short stories, scattered throughout the centuries.

Beneath the Trees

Book cover for Beneath the Trees

A battered wood nymph in the wreckage of a barn. A wife losing her long, slow fight for life. A forgotten world under siege. The power of song, and fire. Beneath the Trees blends fantasy and folklore in a story about the fading magic of the forest and courage in the face of death.

Available in paperback from Amazon, or as an ebook.