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Content Warning: Graphic Descriptions and Discussion of Sexual Activities

I’m posting this mostly in the interest of fairness, because earlier this week I wrote a very critical piece about The Good Men Project in which I asserted that the site as a whole is doing a poor job living up to its own ideals with regard to engaging women and feminists in ways that won’t offend them.

One of The Good Men Project’s resident feminists, Ozy Frantz, calls out Jezebel for posting a piece of rape advocacy in the form of advice on getting a man to agree to anal penetration. I won’t quote from the Jezebel piece; those who feel they can stomach it can read it for themselves. I will point out, though, that it is by a guest writer, Karley Sciortino, who goes by the handle Slutever, and it is the first of a new sex column.

I say it should be the last. In the above-referenced post, regarding the writer of the rape pornography The Good Men Project published, I wrote:

Even if Bjorklund was certain to produce nothing but woman-friendly content from now on, posting rape pornography is the kind of mistake that should disqualify you from a second chance.

I’m going to make the same call about rape advocacy. Jezebel should find someone else to write their sex column.