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Anonymous [Possibly Falsely] Outs Amanda Todd's Persecutor

The police may have been playing things close to the bullet-proof vest, but Anonymous is something else entirely. On Monday night, they released a roundup of personal information—that is, they “doxed”—a Vancouver-area man, claiming he was the one behind Todd’s suicide. They released a cache of identifying information including his Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, links to his accounts at perv sites like Jailbait, photos, chat transcripts, and home address. And, as is traditional, a bombastic “Expect Us” video.

The Internet cheered. The media made house calls. And the RCMP reportedly dispatched two squad cars to the house in case someone decided to go vigilante IRL.

Only one problem: wrong house.

Contrary to popular perception, Anonymous are not omniscient, and it seems highly likely they got this one wrong. The guy they outed certainly looks like a creep, but probably not quite that level of creep.