Cat logomenu

Justice for One

Dr. Thomas Bray has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the assault and rape of Jennifer Bennett:

Bray slapped, raped, sexually abused and strangled her until she passed out. She thought she was going to die– and so she’d resorted to scattering her hair that he’d pulled out around his condo, so police investigating her disappearance would know she was there.

Bennett showed remarkable foresight, not only in this action, but in her counter-instinctual decision not to shower before going to the police. She also successfully resisted a subpoena of her Facebook account, email, and personal computer and a court-ordered investigation of her Google search history.

It’s a victory on every level, not just because her rapist was convicted and sentenced but because the victim-blaming privacy violations were not permitted be carried out. As sad and frustrating as it is that women have to be this bold and determined to obtain real justice for sexual violence, this is a win.