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Winning Honor Points

The online multiplayer game League of Legends has implemented a system designed to reduce bad behavior toward other players by rewarding good behavior with “Honor”:

Honor is a way for players to reward each other for good behavior. This is divvied up into four categories: Friendly, Helpful, Teamwork, and Honorable Opponent. At the end of a match, players can hand out points to those they deem worthy. These points are reflected on players’ profiles, but do not result in any in-game bonuses or rewards (though this may change in the future). All Honor does is show that you played nicely.

Considering the widespread misogyny and other terribleness frequently rampant in online games, this seems like a great idea. John Siracusa toyed with similar concepts in his recent article for The Magazine, “Strange Game” (paid subscription required for full article).

And in case you’re already thinking that players will just end up (ahem) gaming this system, it seems like the LoL team have thought of that already.