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"They do this all the time. They fight."

Trigger Warning for Domestic Violence

Jessica Wakeman writes a harrowing story for The Frisky:

First I heard the screaming. He was screaming at her aggressively, almost sounding like a crazed gorilla, and she was shrieking back and whinnying. For one brief second, I wondered if it was two people horseplaying.

I looked down the block and started walking—they were at the end of the street—and could see them plainly. They were both around my age; she was all dressed up as if she was headed to work. Then I saw him, standing behind her, hold her from behind in a bear hug, lift her up into the air, and carry/drag her a few feet. She struggled like this, and he set her down, she shoved him off.

Several people watched the extended physical altercation—and did nothing.