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War on Men

In a move they must have thought clever and original, Fox News has published a piece called “The war on men”. This obviously infuriates me, because WHY DON’T PEOPLE CAPITALIZE THEIR HEADLINES ANY MORE?

The op-ed article is by Suzanne Venker, a real live woman, so you know that what she’s saying isn’t sexist. Or totally asinine, because women are never dumb, either.

Toward the finish, Venker calls out Hanna Rosin, author of The End of Men, who fortunately knows not to take herself too seriously. She responds over at XX Factor:

I talked to hundreds of men and pondered their stuckness, their general sense that they were ill equipped for the modern economy and didn’t quite know how to fix that. I arrived at an imperfect explanation that men were suffering from some kind of “masculine mystique,” trapped in an all too narrow set of social roles which were no longer serving them well. What I did not consider was that the true and complete answer was right under my nose, or more precisely, all over my face, staring back at me from the mirror. The reason men could not move forward was ME.