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Santa Isn't Real

Krista Dalton recounts how she realized not everyone is ready to have their illusions shattered:

Once upon a time I took a biblical Aramaic class at a local seminary. Consequentially, much of our time was spent translating portions of the book of Daniel. One day, forgetting I was the only “non-seminary” student in the class, I referenced the text with the words “written by the author of Daniel.”

Cue the shocked expressions from my classmates. I had deviated from the set “as Daniel says” expression, choosing to go with the view that the author is unknown. With confusion in his eyes, one student asked me what I meant.

Generally, I prefer to favor the truth over comforting lies, and seminaries owe it to their students to force them at least to explore textual and historical criticism, but as Dalton goes on to explain, not everyone is ready to make that journey.