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CW Develops Female-Centric Robin Hood Drama

Sherwood, which has received a script commitment at the network, is set in 1072 England and revolves around a young noblewoman who sets out to free her serf boyfriend, who has been wrongfully imprisoned by ruthless Norman occupiers. Seeing[sic] help from the vanished Robin of Locksley, she inadvertently reunites—and joins—the fabled Robin Hood and his Merry Men, inspiring new hope for the oppressed people of Nottingham.

For the non-insider, “a script commitment” means the network has commissioned the creator, Tze Chun, to write a script for a pilot episode. If they like the script, they’ll shoot the pilot. If the pilot tests well, they’ll make one season of the show, and so forth.

Is it just me, or is TV turning out to be way better for female starring vehicles than film?