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Meet Your Local Extreme Breastfeeder

“Blue Milk”, writing for Feministe, puts a three-dimensional face on long-term breastfeeding:

I vaccinate my children, I wear pencil skirts and high heels, I ride a motorbike, I can’t sew, I like sex and violence in my TV shows (hello True Blood!), I used disposable nappies (diapers) on my babies, I am an atheist, I have never learnt yoga or meditation, and I am argumentative (so, I really should have taken the time at some point to learn yoga and meditation).

Worth reading for anyone who wants to understand the practice, as well as for people who have never breastfed (or, like me, never will). As strange as extended breastfeeding may seem in our culture, parents doing what they believe is best for their families in defiance of neither God nor government deserve only support.