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Helen Gurley Brown, Radical Feminist

Being new to the game, I had no idea who Helen Gurley Brown was until she died, although I did enjoy the movie adaptation of Sex and the Single Girl.

My wife reads Cosmo, and sometimes we share a good laugh over the sex advice columns. But as frivolous as it can be, Helen Gurley Brown’s reanimation of the magazine in 1965 was, at the time, counter-cultural:

Part of what made HGB such a trailblazer was that, unlike other feminists, she didn’t see high heels and dresses and lipstick and blow jobs as the shackles that bind us to a prison of traditional womanhood, but rather, part of what enables us to revel in the fun of femininity.

Whatever you think about the way sexual mores have developed in our culture, I don’t think women will look back in a hundred years and regret becoming more sex-positive.