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Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin

”The idea of saving sex for marriage is like a hill that every Christian person tries, at one point, to climb. Most stop trying as soon as they fall off for the first time. But I keep fighting the inertia that tells me, ‘You’ve already done it, you might as well keep doing it.’ It’s not a numbers thing, I don’t care about that. It’s more like, if I believe in this idea—which I do—then I need to keep trying to hold myself to it.”

I could scarcely support this type of thinking more. Abstinence until marriage is the Christian ideal—but so are lots of other things. We don’t shame people who fail at hospitality and tell them they’re damaged goods to any future guests they may have, so we shouldn’t do it to people who screw up by having sex before they’re married.

Virginity is a social construct, and it’s one I don’t think God cares about at all. What God cares about is purity. Read this interview for some unique, vulnerable thoughts on that subject from someone who admits to frequently missing the mark.