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Not "Resigned Cuckoldry"

Canadian actor/director Sarah Polley recently discovered something about her lineage:

I flew to Toronto that night to tell my father the news. He was not my biological father. This had been confirmed by a DNA test with a man I had met a year earlier. I had met my biological father almost by accident, though I had long suspected based on family jokes and rumours that my mother may have had an affair that led to my conception.

Her [step-]father’s reaction may surprise:

His chief concern, almost immediately, was that my siblings and I not put any blame on my mother for her straying outside of their marriage. He was candid about his own lack of responsiveness towards her and how that may have led her to the point where she sought out the affection of another person.

Rather than introducing strife, the truth seems to have strengthened Polley’s relationship with her father and given her the opportunity for a meaningful relationship with her biological father.

Her post at the National Film Blog is worth reading, as are the remarks of The Good Men Project’s Noah Brand at The Globe and Mail.

Via The Good Men Project.