Cat logomenu

♀ Announcing Venus Weekly

Frequent visitors to the site may have noticed that the block in the sidebar that usually reads “a feminist christian news digest” now invites you to “sign up for the Venus Weekly newsletter”.

This did not happen by accident.

I am pleased to announce Jesus & Venus’s free email newsletter, which will publish directly to your inbox every Saturday. It will contain links to what I think are the most important or entertaining news stories from the preceding seven days, along with the full text of my favorite “Radical Woman of the Day” post for that week. Some weeks, it will also link to the longer posts I write every Thursday.

If you read Jesus & Venus through RSS and think the amount of content I’m publishing every week is just right (or maybe not enough), Venus Weekly might not be for you. On the other hand, if you have trouble remembering to visit the site or wish I didn’t give you quite so much reading to do, you may love it.

You can sign up for Venus Weekly here or by clicking the link in the sidebar. The newsletter is powered by MailChimp, who take your privacy and preferences very seriously, so it will be easy to unsubscribe later if you change your mind.

This is an experiment. If I don’t get very many subscribers, the newsletter will probably stop after a while. I want readers to have the option of getting the news delivered to them at predictable intervals rather than having to remember to come here to get it, but if it turns out that’s not what any of you want, who am I to boss you around?

Either way, thanks for reading. I feel delighted and privileged to bring you the news.