Cat logomenu

"Reporting to the Police Was Far More Traumatizing Than the Rape Itself"

Human Rights Watch released a report Thursday that found District of Columbia police had engaged in “callous, traumatizing treatment” of victims of sexual assault.

The 197-page investigation, “Capitol Offense: Police Mishandling of Sexual Assault Cases in the District of Columbia,” is based on the testimony of 150 sexual assault survivors, community groups, victims’ advocates, hospital staff, and university counselors, among others. HRW found a consistent pattern of police officers failing to file incident reports, which are required to proceed with an investigation, or classifying serious sexual assaults as lesser or other crimes. Police incident reports could not be found for 35.6 of percent people who, according to hospital records, had reported a sexual assault to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

Shocking and horrifying. No wonder we have a rape culture.