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The New Scarlet Letter

A 16-year-old girl reports on the slut-shaming practices growing in prevalence among high-school students:

A recent Facebook posting I saw had a picture of a half-naked girl, lying on bed. The boy who posted it tagged the picture so that everyone could see it and go to the girl’s page. Within less than an hour, the photo had about 443 likes and 261 comments. Comments like “your life is officially shot LMAO,” and “I think she gonna cut her veins when she see this.”

I could relay a story like this pretty much every week, but the perspective of the writer makes this specific article particularly compelling, I think. Lacking the sophisticated perspective and sociological vocabulary of an adult feminist, Temitayo Fagbenle relates these quotes and anecdotes in a bald, simple style that drives home just how lacking teens are in tools that could help them constructively process this sort of pervasive, low-level misogyny.

Via The Frisky.