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Dartmouth Greek Leadership Council Votes to Reform Sexual Assault Policy

The new policy removes investigation of sexual assault reports from the purview of the individual fraternities and sororities, hopefully eliminating potential conflicts of interest, such as when a fraternity president has a personal relationship with an accused person. The policy also mandates two training sessions about sexual assault prevention for all members of Greek organizations and codifies disciplinary measures for members and organizations sanctioned by the Committee on Standards.

Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority president Hannah Decker ’13, who was present at the vote, said the policy indicates that being part of the Greek community is a privilege and that membership requires certain standards, but will not fully address the issue of sexual assault on campus.

“The policy only addresses people who have been adjudicated through the COS process, and sexual assault is under-reported on campus, and so the policy doesn’t address sexual assault that is unreported,” Decker said.

Wildes said the policy does not address under-reported cases, but hopes that it will encourage students to report incidents to COS for adjudication by the College and GLC-mandated sanctions. Additionally, she hopes the policy will decrease current levels of sexual assault by holding students accountable.

Sounds like they’re headed in the right direction.

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