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Department of Education Opens Investigation into UNC Suppression of Sexual Assault Reports

Back in January Melinda Manning, former Assistant Dean of Students at the University of North Carolina, lodged a complaint with the Department of Education, claiming the University had under-reported the number of sexual assaults on campus. Last week the DOE decided to investigate the matter.

In a letter to Chancellor Holden Thorp dated March 1, Robin Murphy, a team leader on the Washington Office for Civil Rights, wrote that the office would open an investigation into the women’s complaint. She added that the office also found that there were individual allegations of disability discrimination. Those would be handled separately, she wrote.

“Please note that opening the allegation for investigation in no way implies that OCR has made a determination with regard to the merits of the complaint,” Murphy wrote. “During the investigation, OCR is a neutral fact-finder, collecting and analyzing relevant evidence from the complainant, the recipient, and other sources, as appropriate.”

Can I hope that an organization with “civil rights” in their actual name will not contribute further to any oppression or silencing of victims? I’m going to hope it.

Via ThinkProgress.