Cat logomenu


Long-term readers may know that I stole the idea for the “Radical Woman of the Day” posts I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday directly from the Radical Women’s History Project. Because March is Women’s History Month, RWHP founder Shelby Knox has asked readers to contribute the names of radical women unnoticed by history.

My mission — I will not call it a challenge because it shouldn’t be one! — this month is to, for one post per day, step outside of the RWHP model of date specific facts and histories of radical women and simply profile a radical woman each day that should be known to history but is not. The goal is to populate Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter with radical histories that must be seen. And I need your help!

You can post your contributions to the organization’s Facebook page or tag tweets with #RWHPmission to bring them to Shelby’s attention.