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Indian Government Pledges £125m to Improve Women's Safety

Activists immediately dismissed the measures as “tokenism”.

“The government clearly felt they had to do something but the money is grossly inadequate. It works out at a few rupees for each woman in the country” Ranjana Kumari, director of the Delhi-based Centre for Social Research, told the Guardian.

Kumari, who is also a member of the National Commission for Empowerment of Women, added: “We have been asking for money to properly implement laws on domestic violence and to improve our terrible record on maternal mortality but there was nothing.”

£125m does sound pretty paltry, but breaking it down by rupees per woman is a pretty poor way to communicate that fact. If India has to spend a significant amount of money on each individual woman in the country in order to make it a safer place, they’ll go bankrupt. Couldn’t Kumari have provided research indicating the amount of money needed to effect change and compared it with the £125m figure?