Cat logomenu


Following the murders of Dora Özer and Petite Jasmine on the 9th and 11 of July 2013, sex workers, their friends, families, and allies are coming together to demand an end to stigma, criminalisation, violence and murders. In the week since the two tragedies occurred, the feelings of anger, grief, sadness and injustice – for the loss of Dora and Jasmine, but also for the senseless and systemic murders and violence against sex workers worldwide – have brought together people in 36 cities from four continents who agreed to organise demos, vigils, and protests in front of Turkish and Swedish embassies or other symbolic places.

Petite Jasmine was a vocal activist who lost custody of her children because of her profession. During a custody visit, her husband killed her.

Dora Özer was a transgender sex worker in Turkey, where only women are allowed to be prostitutes.

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